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x otp forever x shintsuyo x gif x smap x ignore the ugly edit x I forgot again how to gif x katori shingo x kusanagi tsuyoshi


these aren’t fake translations they actually said every word of this

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x ship it till the day I die x actual boyfriends x EVERYONE KNOWS x shintsuyo x pussuma

Minna no Koe reveals poll results for 'Best friends among Johnny's talents'



Minna no Koe" is a mobile survey site powered by Docomo that allows fans to vote on a wide variety of topics. Data from the site is then selected to be featured on the popular ranking site "Goo Ranking”.

26,844 fans in Japan were surveyed on which pair of Johnny’s talents they consider to…

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x oh my goodness i forgot how to gif x i don't want to do something so i did these lol x gif x shintsuyo x smap x kusanagi tsuyoshi x katori shingo x and a little bit of nakai BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAKAAAAIIIIIII
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x guys. everyone knows lol x it'S BEEN A WHILE x shintsuyo x nakai masahiro x kimura takuya x inagaki goro x I forgot the tagging system here I'm sorry

shintsuyo @ usj harry potter opening

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x bless you guys x hi ppl it's been a while x I had some shintsuyo thoughts again thus this lol x shintsuyo

make me choose: rdjude or shintsuyo » asked by chemicalperfume

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x reblogging it here because WHY NOT x gif x shintsuyo
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x ;; x kusanagi tsuyoshi x katori shingo x shintsuyo x smap x **
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x i'm so done with these two kbye x shintsuyo x kusanagi tsuyoshi x katori shingo x smap x **
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x ihateyouguys x i can't believe this is from a year and a half ago x i can still remember that time when I watched Tsuyo's marathon finale for the first time x I JUST... THERE ARE TEARS x shintsuyo x touchy touchy